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B*stard Offspring of dot_cattiness

Poly Wanna Wisecracker?
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The community for cattiness and snarkiness about polyamory and other alternative lifestyles and lovestyles is now open for your backbiting pleasure.

Anyone may post.

This is an offshoot of dot_cattiness and the same general rules apply.

No "outing" will be permitted, however.

Be prepared to take it if you dish it out.

A clarification: Linking has been allowed from the beginning of this community, and that is not changing. But the community is focused on snark, not on links. It is perfectly fine to snark without linking as well, and in some cases, maybe desirable.

NO ADVERTISING. We don't want to see your webcam, your t-shirt store, or your candidate for political office. Snarking about polyamorous politicians doesn't mean campaigning for them.

Disclaimer: This community is just for fun. Nothing herein should be taken without about half a shaker of salt.

Your moderator is riverheart. I add people about once a week, because I don't live at my computer. Deal. :-)