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calm blue ocean

If it works for films...

Posted by lederhosen on 2012.12.06 at 20:15
So reynardo is sorting through the Sock Pile of Doom, matching them up into pairs:

"I hate it when I get three the same and I have to decide which one to leave out."

"If only they were poly!"

*ducks a high-velocity cotton dyad*

calm blue ocean

For future use

Posted by lederhosen on 2012.08.28 at 23:38
Today's 'Blondie' presents the snark all packaged and ready to go.

(Seen via Comics Curmudgeon, which should still have the strip when the official version expires.)

Posted by tylik on 2012.08.22 at 19:10
Luckily, it has already been established that there is no such thing as mono privilege in the queer community... really, the timing on this was pretty awesomeCollapse )

From now on, I'm going to use the word "gingrich" to mean "retcon cheating into an open marriage".* Example usage:

"I thought I could never live with Tom again, after he betrayed my trust by screwing around with his secretary. But then our pastor suggested we go on a retreat to gingrich our marriage. We took his advice, and now we couldn't be happier! It turns out Tom wasn't lying to us all that time, he just figured out that we were polyamorous before I did!"

*In fairness, I note that Newt has denied allegations that he attempted, even retroactively, to negotiate a honest open marriage. Leaving only the bit where he cheated on his wife for six years (with a staffer) and then abandoned her when she got sick.

"Now for BF2. We started dating 18 months ago, after he'd broken up with his long-term girlfriend (they'd experienced with swinging, she wanted to go back to a traditional monogamous, one-true-love relationship, he didn't - in the end she cheated on him and left). At that time, he didn't know wether poly was for him or not, but he thought it might be worth exploring, and so we began our relationship. We fell madly in love, in NRE like crazy bunnies, and it very soon became clear that polyamory was NOT for him, as he is jealous, not interested in working on it, and underneath the surface and sexual deviance aside, deeply attached to emotional monogamy."

Your question was "what should I do?" My response is a) hypnotise him and while he's under program him to be less monogamous, b) keep slipping him roofies c) end the relationship, with grief and regret,or d) end the relationship with a bullet between the eyes (your and/or his).

Seriously, why do people ask what they should do when the answer is directly there in their description of the relationship?

It it just me, or does this sound more like a whole bunch of made-up bullshit than an actual problem?

When you start counting red flags and it quickly goes from Independence Day to World War Bazillion....


mono privilege check list

Posted by ls56 on 2011.05.12 at 12:52

(hoping this hasn't been posted yet)

Dear Straight People,

Please stop with the comparing of orientation with relationship style.


Really, I probably wouldn't have been as irritated with the list if he hadn't included the caveat that *maybe* same-sex relationships don't have all of these privileges.

also, check out the "what about the straight man" comment.

"I understand the definition of "cheating". My position is that the concept of cheating is flawed because agreements concerning one's body transfer control of one's body to someone else, and that this is illegitimate. So, if that's right, cheating is nonsense."

I don't know how any of you feel but I personally would not be keen to become involved with someone that considers 'making agreements' an exercise in controlling others. :o/

Worse under the cutCollapse )


You all need to step away from the computer and go like, outside. And do stuff.  Away from the computer.

monk reading
Posted by autumnalmonk on 2011.04.03 at 16:47
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Gee, I'm ever so fulfilled knowing that you've recently had such fabulous poly group sex.  Really, reading the details of your latest sexual encounters just makes my life complete.

(Now if I can just figure out what you mean amid all those grammatical abuses and cryptic designations...)

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