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Which bit of this sentance did you not understand?

"Now for BF2. We started dating 18 months ago, after he'd broken up with his long-term girlfriend (they'd experienced with swinging, she wanted to go back to a traditional monogamous, one-true-love relationship, he didn't - in the end she cheated on him and left). At that time, he didn't know wether poly was for him or not, but he thought it might be worth exploring, and so we began our relationship. We fell madly in love, in NRE like crazy bunnies, and it very soon became clear that polyamory was NOT for him, as he is jealous, not interested in working on it, and underneath the surface and sexual deviance aside, deeply attached to emotional monogamy."

Your question was "what should I do?" My response is a) hypnotise him and while he's under program him to be less monogamous, b) keep slipping him roofies c) end the relationship, with grief and regret,or d) end the relationship with a bullet between the eyes (your and/or his).

Seriously, why do people ask what they should do when the answer is directly there in their description of the relationship?
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Monogamy is 'illegitimate' thus cheating is 'nonsense'

"I understand the definition of "cheating". My position is that the concept of cheating is flawed because agreements concerning one's body transfer control of one's body to someone else, and that this is illegitimate. So, if that's right, cheating is nonsense."

I don't know how any of you feel but I personally would not be keen to become involved with someone that considers 'making agreements' an exercise in controlling others. :o/

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