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I propose a new game

Posted by lederhosen on 2011.04.03 at 10:42
Rules of the game: Every time you see a "wouldn't $STORY have worked out so much better if they were poly?" post, you have to take the same story and imagine how poly could turn it into a fiery trainwreck.

I'll go first:Collapse )

"I would personally fire anyone talking about their sexuality on a job site."

There's more, but the short version is that sixswordsamurai is a loon who shouldn't be in charge of a whelk stall.

poly bingo

"hello", "just me"

Posted by alyshoney on 2011.03.25 at 23:34
Just uploaded some new hot pics with my girlfriend the same post as the one I made three days ago just check this out

running with scissors
Posted by terpsichoros on 2011.02.05 at 21:50
Something Positive comic about Valentine's Day. And Poly.

UPDATE Survey has been taken down "until it can be revised"
thanks to everyone who helped outt on this one  

I was really rather hoping that the claim that the worst written survey of the polyamory community I have ever taken was to support a doctoral dissertation was not true.

Sadly after writing her and the major professor to complain about the survey it both seems to check out and concern the professor not at all


Actual Survey ContentsCollapse )


Posted by blackstarglider on 2011.01.05 at 11:59
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My experience has taught me the following. Anyone who wears a button saying "Bi, Poly, Kinky and still not sleeping with you"? Is most likely a person that is ugly and you do not want to sleep with.

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Oh. Okay. And now with more CAPS

Posted by vettorre on 2010.12.27 at 15:10
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Over in CSPC Uncensored, LionMaster posts that 'PC, Non-sexist, -ists - Way too much obsession out there for me!!!'.

While I grant that there is a certain appeal to being an asshole, and that everything has kink material, It's possible to be an asshole and not a bigot simultaneously. No really.

And coming from members of an organization who have to agree to take those -ists elsewhere in order to gain membership, too. Sigh.

Edit Holy HTML-fail, Batman!

Edit 2 Caps on request! I would individually link but I have run out of spoons and need sleep.

at Dungeon


Posted by wight1984 on 2010.12.10 at 22:06
roykay and donnalee_kiss become friends so they can be callous bastards together.

Topic not quite dead yet

Posted by dom_ino on 2010.12.02 at 22:59
Jesus, why is he so upset? I'm SO glad I'm more evolved than monogamous people; I'm happy when relationships end!

I get what she means, but seriously, compassion much?

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